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Furioso :: The Vision

“Life is a building process. Building on previous experiences, shaping your environment as your environment shapes you. All my life — since I was seven or eight and painting on sheetrock — I’ve embraced the pure joy of creativity.



When I started thinking about this winery project, I approached it the same way I’ve approached every project: I asked myself how I could creatively infuse something different — something that no one else is doing. I set out to buy the best acreage I could afford, hire the best people, conceive a wine-making facility and tasting room like no other, and sustainably husband the land,
knowing it would take many years to realize my vision.

Wine making is like painting: Every time you begin a painting, your mindset should be, ‘This is going to be the best painting I can make.’ In the end it may be . . . or it may not be. You won’t know until it’s finished and others can experience it with you. At Furioso, we are trying, every vintage, to make world-class wines, and every vintage has the potential to be our best yet. One must wait and see.”