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Furioso Vineyards at sunset
Wineries of the World

in 2021, Furioso Vineyards was recognized as one of the 25 most beautiful wineries of the world, by author, art historian, and architecture professor Victor Deupi.

The book was published by eponymous boutique architecture publishing house Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers, for reknowed art, design, and culture bookstore Rizzoli’s NYC.

The Furioso estate was featured alongside wine industry greats such as Antinori, Joseph Phelphs, and Quintessa.


“Wineries of the World celebrates the architecture and design of contemporary viniculture. From a vineyard in Napa Valley in the U.S., to an Italian winery estate in the hills of Tuscany, to an Australian enterprise at the cutting edge of organic viniculture, the projects featured are all exemplars of the finest taste in both wine and design, and increasingly popular destinations for wine lovers.


                                                          – Rizzoli New York

A Marvel of Design:
Discover the Beauty of this Place

We focus on farming our organic vineyards to control quality throughout the year – our work doesn’t end at harvest – as we nurture our vineyards through all four seasons. We first produced wine from our 30-year-old Dundee Estate in 2015. Beginning with the 2018 vintage, our Yamhill-Carlton estate Trovato Vineyard is now online, adding 22.5 acres under vine and bringing us to an all estate-grown designation.

Like our wines, the newly renovated winery, tasting room, and barrel room complex reflect the aesthetic perspective of our founder, artist/developer Giorgio Furioso.

A gem nestled amongst the vines of the Dundee estate Furioso Vineyard, our tasting room is a truly unique space – seventy feet long, thirty feet deep, with fourteen-foot-high glass walls – offering an unobstructed view on four sides. The distinctive design features a shared glass wall with our crush pad, allowing us the ability to offer our patrons an up-close harvest experience from the warmth and safety of the tasting room, while the outdoor piazza offers a warm weather refuge with spectacular views.

The Furioso Vineyards project was accomplished by Waechter Architecture beginning in 2017 and completed in May of 2019. The original Furioso estate, was made up of a series of utilitarian structures scattered across its property, including a steel-shed winery, various storage facilities, outdoor crush pad, and an adjacent residence. Although completely surrounded by vineyards, the buildings turned their back on the landscape, instead focusing on internal production.


Seeking to unify the vineyard, the approach was to reimagine the elements of the estate, giving each a distinct and focused identity, while expanding their relationships to heighten the viewers experience of the landscape and the wine making process. In the new design, these elements elegantly work together to create distinct and complementary atmospheres of their own.


The new tasting room is positioned to feel as if it is hovering above and within the vineyard. Open on all sides, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The roof is made up of six inch deep corrugated metal and cantilevers over the body of the building, letting air and light pass freely between the tasting room and winery. As with all elements of the new design, the intent was to bring together the old and new elements of the estate, unify the vineyard within the structure, and create an overall simple yet iconic impact.


In 2019, the project received the nation’s highest public award for the best new buildings: an American Architecture Award.