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winemaking team

Furioso :: The People

It’s an All-Star Team

Proprietor Giorgio Furioso feels that life, like art, is a building process, and making wine is no exception. To that end, he has gathered a world-class team to assist him in fulfilling the promise of Furioso Vineyards.

To this team, Giorgio brings his Italian heritage, his childhood memories of his Nono, Papa, and Uncle making wine, and a lifelong career as an artist, professor of art, and designer of artist-friendly architectural developments in Washington, DC. Winemaker Dominique Mahé brings his French roots and extensive winemaking experience in Australia and America. Head of Wine Jared Etzel brings his own family tradition of superior vinification, along with experience gained in Napa, Sonoma, France, and Oregon. Hospitality Manager Jim Maguire brings his exquisite brand ambassador skills honed in Europe, the Far East, and the Pacific Northwest, in addition to his vast knowledge of the Willamette Valley and world-class hospitality know-how.

Add the members from the vineyards, the harvest, and the tasting room – all passionately dedicated to each facet of their part in bringing the best from vine, grape and wine – to you.

The Direct to Consumer and Hospitality Team is led by Jim Maguire and includes all-star team members Drew Hildebrandt, Melanie Kinchen, Morgan Holt, Katy Armes, Keenan Crosbie, Michayla Sponsel, Kasia Jacobson, and Andrea Mejia.

Assistant Tasting Room Manager Drew Hildebrandt is an Oregon native who was raised in Virginia. Returning to his roots in Oregon after graduating from Virginia Tech, he has embraced the Willamette Valley wine industry with open arms. When not working on the estate vineyard, Drew enjoys spending time with his partner, Shelby, and their dog, Pepper – a Great Dane-Weimaraner mix.

Tasting Room Host Melanie Kinchen is a Seattle native who has landed in the Willamette Valley by way of Walla Walla. A reformed English major turned enology and viticulture grad, she’s spent time in the cellar and the vineyard, and discovered her love of wine found its home on the hospitality side of the industry. When she’s not pouring wine in the tasting room, she enjoys spending time in the kitchen, fermenting various foods, and hanging out with her cat, Basil.