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Giorgio Furioso

Proprietor Giorgio Furioso was born in 1948 in the town of Tagliacozzo, Italy, high in the mountains an hour east of Rome. As a young man, he immigrated to the United States with his family via Montreal, Canada. Giorgio’s first love was art – he began collecting at the age of eighteen, and eventually found popular and critical success as an artist and professor of art – achieving tenure at 28 and running the Art Department at Ohio University at the age of 30. His works have been procured by private collectors, corporations, and museums.

Growing up, Giorgio watched his father and grandfather, both named Vincenzo, make wine in the basement for friends and family. This led to a lifelong dream of one day owning a vineyard and making wine. That dream has now been realized.

On the road to achieving this dream, Giorgio has branched out from art, but art has always found a way into his personal and professional lives. In New York City and now Washington, DC, Giorgio has followed his passions for art and family in the world of residential and commercial real estate – creating buildings where artists can live and work, and others where art becomes an integral part of a building and living space – rather than an afterthought.



“I think my life has been more about art than anything else. Making wine is no exception. Both involve an audience to complete the process.”

                                                                                                            – G. Furioso