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Dominique Mahé, Winemaker 

winemaker in vineyard

 Winemaker Dominique Mahé has his roots back in Brittany (France) but, through different careers, spent most of his adult life circling the globe. He stumbled into wine when he moved to Australia in the mid-1990’s. With an engineering background, he studied Wine Science at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales. He enjoyed the flying winemaker life for a few years before getting his first taste of an American vintage in Idaho in 1999. What was supposed to be a two-month gig turned into a full time job there. In 2002, he came over to Oregon as a member of the harvest crew for Rex Hill Vineyard. That vintage opened his eyes on the amazing potential of Pinot Noir in this (at the time) underrated part of the world. As importantly, Dominique felt a strong spiritual connection with the Northwest, the land, and its people.

After 13 years of growing new roots in the Willamette Valley, Dominique is as excited making wine as he was when he first discovered Oregon. As the seed from which Furioso Vineyards will grow, Dominique looks forward to this tremendous opportunity and exciting challenge.

“There is something nearly mystical about our old vines at our estate vineyard in here Dundee. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to create from every vintage a unique wine which reflects the elegant complexity of this terroir.”

                                                                                                            – D. Mahé